Visit the GSU Scholarship Resource Center 

Thanks to the commitment of donors, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing is able to offer student scholarship opportunities. As a registered student, you may apply for merit and need-based scholarships. In other instances, candidates are nominated by the faculty to receive scholarships.

Application Process
Scholarships are just one of the components in the Financial Aid package. Please read the following information which will help you to better understand the application process:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is to the student’s advantage to complete and submit the FAFSA application soon after January 1st. GSU prefers completion of the FAFSA application here. Even if you feel that you do not qualify for financial aid, you should fill out the form in order to be eligible for various non-need based scholarships. Please renew your FAFSA every year.
  2. If you have questions concerning the Georgia HOPE scholarship or financial aid, please visit Financial Aid.
  3. Follow the directions either to download the scholarship application or to request the application from the scholarship contact person.
  4. Complete the scholarship application. Please type your application or print clearly. If the application requires a written essay, please follow their directions for content and length.
  5. Letters of recommendation: Contact the faculty member via email to request a letter of recommendation. It is important to allow at least 2 weeks for the faculty member to provide the recommendation. If the recommendation needs to be mailed separately from the application, please provide the faculty member with a self-addressed-stamped envelope.
  6. When submitting a complete application include all required attachments.

Searching for Scholarships?

Students can search for scholarships offered through Georgia State University and external scholarship websites by accessing the Scholarship Resource Center. The search filter is designed to assist you with locating scholarships listed by your student type, Georgia State University category, external category, major or keyword. Please be aware that many other scholarships are offered through specialty organizations and state professional organizations. Please visit their websites

Deadlines for scholarships offered through the Lewis College are announced via email.

The following is the list of scholarships available for the School of Nursing:

Deadlines will be announced to students via email

Marshall L. Bowie CHHS Scholarship
Two $2000 scholarships are awarded annually to full-time students in the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions . The awards are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Selection priority is given for academic record, financial need, community service, and B.F.Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions/GSU involvement. Students must submit a personal statement and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member with their application.  Online Application

Maymi Walker Chandler “Class of 1939” Memorial Scholarship
In recognition to her commitment to the professional development of women, this memorial scholarship was created with the intent to assist nursing students with educational expenses. Awards are given to students at the Baccalaureate, Masters, and Ph.D. level.  View criteria here. Online Application

Barbara Haltiwanger Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor Barbara Haltiwanger, R.N., formerly President of the Medical Association of Atlanta Auxiliary. Ms. Haltiwanger died of cancer in the 1980s. The endowment was initiated by a generous contribution from her husband, Dr. Earl Haltiwanger, and from funds raised by the Auxiliary. Both traditional and accelerated students are eligible for the scholarship.  View criteria here. Online Application

Dr. Cennette Jackson Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor Dr. Cennette Fisher Jackson, a former faculty member of the School of Nursing. This fund provides scholarships for undergraduate students in nursing who have demonstrated financial need and who espouse the values Dr. Jackson personified: compassion, fairness, collaboration, respect for cultural diversity, and dignity in all people. Both traditional and accelerated students are eligible for the scholarship. Online Application

Kaiser Permanente Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship was established by contributions from Kaiser Permanente to assist undergraduate nursing students in recognition of academic achievement.  View criteria here. Online Application

Kaiser Permanente Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund
This endowed scholarship was established by Kaiser Permanente to benefit graduate students in the school of nursing.  View criteria here. Online Application

Kaiser Permanente Doctoral Student Award (Faculty Nomination Scholarship. Applications are not accepted)
Nominations must be made by faculty sponsors. This scholarship is provided to Ph.D students studying to become nursing educators.

Pediatria Healthcare Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Pediatria is an innovative provider of day healthcare services and private duty in-home nursing. The focus of Pediatria Healthcare is to deliver clinical services that promote the ultimate level of wellness for medically fragile children while educating and strengthening the entire family. Undergraduate as well as graduate nursing students who are studying pediatric nursing are eligible for the scholarship. Funds may be used for tuition, student fees, books, and living expenses.  Online application and criteria are found here.

Byrdine F. Lewis Clinical Practice Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor Byrdine F. Lewis for her dedication to the profession of nursing. Both traditional and accelerated students are eligible for the scholarship.  View criteria here. Online Application

Merle Kennon Lott Scholarship
Three nursing scholarships are available to assist students interested in public health nursing or community health nursing. All applicants must have financial need. Lott scholarships provide funding to an RN-MS student; a masters-level student who is either in a primary care track in the School of Nursing, or an RN pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree; and a dissertation award for a nursing doctoral student.  View criteria here. Online Application

Daniel J. Sansone Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Nursing or Respiratory Therapy interested in Pediatrics
This scholarship was established in memory of Daniel Sansone, who dedicated his life to providing compassionate care to children and adults. The award is available to assist undergraduate students enrolled in either nursing or respiratory therapy who are interested in pediatric care. All applicants must have financial need.  View criteria here.  Online Application 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded in spring and fall of each year. Please go to the GSU Scholarship web site to complete the online application. Only online applications are accepted.  Students will be announced deadlines via email.
The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship is for female, undergraduate students registered and enrolled in the professional health programs of nursing, nutrition, and respiratory therapy. Pre-nursing, pre-nutrition, or pre-respiratory therapy students are not eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarships offered by Healthcare Institutions
Many hospitals and other healthcare institutions offer scholarships to students; most of these types of scholarships are based on the student’s agreeing to work for the health care institution upon graduation. Students should contact the human resources department of the healthcare institution directly to learn about scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships offered by other organizations
There are many nursing scholarship opportunities offered by private organizations or foundations. The web is an incredible source of scholarships information. If we learned about scholarship opportunities we will communicate them via email to our students.