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As one of the oldest and largest professions in health care, nursing is a critical component of patient care.  Nurses, who are patients’ primary caregivers, represent independent and collaborative care of individuals, families, and communities.  Nurses are lifelong care givers seeing patients throughout their lifespan in illness and in health.  In an evolving health care system, the role of nurses has become more exciting, challenging, and demanding.

The School of Nursing is prepared to meet these challenges by ensuring that all its students receive superior classroom and clinical experience in order to graduate highly skilled, knowledgeable nurses capable of treating and advocating for patients in a diverse, complex health care system.

Nursing students receive diverse, high-quality educational experiences that pre­pare them for the exciting challenges of nursing in today’s health care environ­ment. Students learn the essentials of nursing care in the classroom and state-of-the-art simulation lab. They practice what they have learned in a wide range of facilities including hospitals, community settings and clinics as they care for patients after surgery, provide health screenings for pre-school children, adminis­ter flu vaccines to adults and care for new mothers and their babies.


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The traditional program is for undergraduate students who are seeking a B.S. with a major in nursing. This program is to be completed in three years, after completion of all prerequisite coursework.

Eligibility Curriculum  

The program in nursing accepts new students for both fall and spring semesters. Students can enter Georgia State University in any semester for their pre-professional course work.

Application Deadlines:

Fall – Feb 15th

Spring – October 1st

Application Requirements