Articulation Agreement Between Undergraduate RN-BS Bridge Nursing Program and Gwinnett Technical College

In order to be considered for Georgia State RN-BS Bridge Nursing program students must meet all admissions requirements and be accepted as an undergraduate degree seeking students at Georgia State University before they can apply to the RN-BS Bridge Nursing program.

Students must also meet the following:

Graduates of the Gwinnett Technical College Associate Degree in nursing program who have completed the associate degree with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 or better, and have met the admission requirements of Georgia State University, will be accepted into the online RN-BS bridge baccalaureate nursing program.

It is preferred that students obtain their Georgia Registered Professional Nursing license prior to admission to the program. However, if a student has not obtained her/his license prior to the start of the program, a conditional acceptance will be made and that student will be given until the end of the first semester in the program to obtain the license.

Those with a GPA of less than 2.8 and who also meet the admission requirements or Georgia State University will be considered for admission on a space available basis.

Students transferring from Gwinnett Technical College may transfer credit hours toward their baccalaureate degree. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at Georgia State University at the 3000-4000 level to be eligible for a Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing.

Students intending to transfer should complete the admissions process of Georgia State University by the appropriate deadline of their final semester of their associate degree program.

For information on the acceptance of transfer credits please go here.

For further information please contact the office of academic assistance at 404-413-1000.