Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a requirement for all nursing applicants, including those with degrees and transfer applicants. The TEAS is a four-hour test that consists of math, reading, science and English and language usage questions. There are currently 170 questions; all questions are multiple choice. We accept TEAS version 6.0.

The TEAS may also be taken off-campus, students should visit the ATI website to find a testing location and request that their scores be sent to Georgia State University.

Georgia State Institution Code: GA State U

Registration and Fees

The TEAS test dates:

January 2nd

January 31st

February 6th

February 12th

February 14th

All test will be administered in Langdale Hall.

Please report to the 2nd floor of the Langdale Hall at the time specified for your Saturday or Friday exam. Late arrivals will not be permitted. The General Classroom building is located at 38 Peachtree Center Avenue on the Georgia State campus at the corner of Decatur Street and Peachtree Center Avenue.

How to Register

Only currently enrolled Georgia State University students or applicants to Georgia State University should be registering to take the TEAS at Georgia State University. All fees associated with the TEAS are non-refundable and the dates are non-transferable.

You may only pay using a debit or credit card. Please visit http://www.atitesting.com/ to register or call 1-800-299-3926

At the time of registration, you must indicate the school where you want your scores to be sent. Scores will not be sent to Georgia State automatically.

Please visit http://www.atitesting.com/ for a list a FAQ’s, study manual, and online practice.

How to Submit Scores taken outside of Georgia State

All applicants are required to indicate the date of the exam to be used with the nursing application. If no date is indicated on the cover page, the first score received by the School of Nursing will be applied to the application for review. TEAS scores are only valid for one year.

Georgia State University will not receive your scores automatically. You must request that your scores be sent to Georgia State University at the time of exam registration.

Additional copies of your scores may be requested through Assessment Technologies Institute, Inc. for an additional fee by calling 1-800-299-3926. Off-Campus Exam

How to Study/Minimum Requirements

The TEAS is a crucial component in your nursing application. Therefore, you should prepare thoroughly for the exam. Study manuals are available directly from Assessment Technologies Institute LLC, the publisher of the exam. You may order ATI’s study guide through their website at http://www.atitesting.com/ or purchase it in most bookstores. Other standard review guides are also available in most bookstores.

Out of State Applicants

You may contact Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC. to find out if the TEAS is offered in your area by calling 1-800-299-3926. Please see instructions above for submitting exams taken at other locations.