Application and Requirements

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Self-Manage Application

The School of Nursing uses a self-managed application for admission to its undergraduate program. This means it is your responsibility to prepare or collect all forms, applications and credentials, then submit them at one time on-line to the Office of Academic Assistance.

A self-managed application requires appropriate planning on your part to allow time for you to prepare the application properly. This process, however, also gives you the applicant, control over when your application is complete. It eliminates the concern over lost or misdirected applications, recommendation letters, or any other application materials.

System Overview

Our system is designed to time out after 1-hour, so please be prepared to complete application once beginning the process. It will not allow you to start another application until after 24 hours upon timing out. Therefore, it is your responsibility to adequately prepare when completing the application. You cannot complete any entry after 5:00 pm on the application deadline date. The system shuts down promptly at 5:00 pm.

  1. Do not attempt to send application material to our general email mailbox because it won’t be accepted. It is unfair to those complying with the directions and submitting applications before the deadline.
  2. Do not call requesting special permission to submit after the application deadline date or time. It is your responsibility to ensure you start the process in time to complete the application.
  3. Do not call requesting extension for recommender to submit recommendations. It is your responsibility to follow up and ensure they submit before the deadline.

Problem with submitting an online application, please contact the Office of Academic Assistance – Admission at 404-413-1000 or email us at [email protected]. We may be reached, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am until 5:00 pm.  However, this does not include late submissions or same day application submission of application deadline. We will be happy to answer questions only on how to submit online application. Ensure all supplemental forms are included before submitting. You will receive an email notification confirming your application was successfully submitted online.   Our office will not accept separate parts of the application or recommendations that are mailed or delivered in person, for the ACE, Traditional, Transfer or RN to BS professional undergraduate nursing application. They must be submitted online before the application deadline date and time.

The only method is to submit an application online.  It is convenient and faster to fill out. This method provides automatic proof application was received with date and time. It eliminates misdirected application to wrong departments or address. It allows the adviser or admissions to quickly contact you if questions on your application.

Paper Application Process Create an Online Application
Not applicable Traditional Application – Online Application
Not applicable ACE Application – Online Application
Not applicable Transfer Application  – Online Application
Not applicable RN to BS Application – Online


Short Answers (Traditional/ACE Applicants Only)

Short Answers (Traditional/ACE Applicants Only) are completed during the online application process but you may review to prepare and submit. Please prepare Volunteer Verification Form and courses taken before beginning the online application process. The questions include completion of up to three additional forms to be attached during the online application process: Volunteer Verification Form, Traditional Courses Taken, and ACE Courses Taken. Please complete and save each form as an Adobe PDF form before beginning the application process. Forms must be added to online application when applying.


Discuss your position on a healthcare or social issue in a two-page, double-spaced, typed essay. Attached to the appropriate section in your online application. Include your full name on the first page of the document and add a work cited page. Do not include cover page or graphics. The RN to BS nursing application does not require an essay, but requires a resume instead.

Two Letters of Recommendation

The self-managed application requires planning to complete each step. Letters of recommendation hold substantial weight in the admission decisions due to highly competitive applicants. It is imperative that you follow the instructions exactly to receive maximum points or to avoid disqualification of recommendation letters. Please allow your recommender ample time to submit your recommendation before application deadline.

Contact the recommender before the application deadline if you have not received an email confirming a submission of recommendation. You should receive two separate notifications for each recommendation submitted. The student is responsible for following up with the recommender to ensure each recommendation is received.

A previous recommendation cannot be used for a new application. It may be used for an application update.

Students are responsible to ensure recommendation letters are submitted only by recommenders. Do not jeopardize your application by submitting recommendation yourself. Provide the following to recommender so they may submit recommendation letter.

    • Georgia State Panther ID Number
    • Program you are applying
      • RN to BS (Part-time or full-time)
      • Traditional, ACE or both
    • Term you are applying
    • Your email address
    • Communicate to recommender the letter of recommendation format and directions for submitting recommendation online.
    • Let them know the deadline and the importance of submitting on time with the correct formats. Not using the correct formats and following directions may cost point reduction.
  1. Each letter of recommendation submitted must be on an official letterhead providing complete address of company or affiliated organization.
  2. One letter must be academic (preferable college level); the other may be academic or professional.
  3. Letters must include full name, title/position, telephone number and organization affiliated.
  4. Each letter should be signed with an authentic recommender’s handwritten signature or electronic digital signature, dated and in the appropriate letter format. No computer signatures will be accepted unless using software to allow a digital signature.
  5. All academic references must be placed on letterhead to avoid reduction in application points.
  6. You may contact student to let them know the recommendation was submitted as a courtesy.
  7. All recommendations must be submitted for fall application deadline March 1, by 5:00 pm or spring application deadline October 1, by 5:00 pm.  RN to BS recommendations must be submitted April 15, by 5:00 pm. This includes all Georgia State faculty with no exceptions.
Your recommender must submit letter of recommendation before application deadline (March 1 –Fall; October 1 – Spring by 5:00 pm). Recommender’s should enter the correct e-mail address of prospective student applying. A notification will be sent to the prospective student notifying a recommendation was submitted on your behalf via email. Again, no paper recommendations will be accepted for the ACE, Traditional, Transfer or RN to BS applications. Recommendation must be submitted online. Those applying for RN to BS must submit all recommendations by April 15.

Online recommendations must be submitted through the recommender’s email address not the prospective student applying to the professional program. Your recommendation letters will be disqualified and no points received if not submitted by recommender’s email. Recommender must certify prospective student DID NOT author recommendation and submit.

Any attempt to circumvent the process is considered a violation as referred to in the GSU Code of Conduct and Administrative Policy Prohibited General Conduct. The following types of behavior constitute violation of the Georgia State University Student code of Conduct. Any student who is found responsible for any of the following misconduct is subject to disciplinary sanctions outline.  This can include the rejection of the application and recommendation letters.


Submit Traditional/ACE/Transfer Recommendations  Submit RN to BS Recommendations 

The Test Essential Academic Skills-TEAS

The Test Essential Academic Skills-TEAS must be taken as part of your application. Exams taken at Georgia State require registration. If taken at Georgia State University, the TEAS must be taken by the last testing date listed on the website. If taken at another college, TEAS scores must be submitted directly to the School of Nursing and received no later than nursing application deadline. Scores received after the deadline will not be considered. Scores submitted within the application packet will not be considered.


If you have taken courses at another college or university during the last two semesters, you must submit a transcript from each school in which you received credit for this time period. The transcript(s) sent with your nursing application materials may be unofficial, but will not substitute for your official transcripts that need to be sent to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions. (Do not submit transcripts if you have taken all of your courses at Georgia State University.)


Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions
Office of Academic Assistance
PO Box 3995
Atlanta, GA 30302-3995


Deliver to:
Urban Life Building
140 Decatur Street, Suite 811
Atlanta, GA 30303

Application Updates

If you applied to the School of Nursing last semester, you may be eligible for an application update. Update forms may only be used to reactivate a complete nursing application for one additional semester. Please be aware that pre-requisites and GPA requirements may have changed from the previous semester. This form may be submitted once per completed full application, and can only be used to apply to the next available semester.

Applications completed one year prior or more cannot be reactivated. A TEAS may be applied to an application update if desired. Those applicants who wish to re-take the TEAS must specify the date of the exam to be reviewed on the update form in the space provided. This date cannot be changed. The applicant must choose a test to be reviewed before submitting the update form.

The TEAS score from the previous semester will automatically be applied with no exceptions if no box is checked/no test date is written on update form. Download update form.

NOTE: Applicants whose files are completed before the deadline and score in the upper 15% of admissions criteria will be reviewed on a rolling basis and may be offered early admittance.