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Traditional Bachelor of Science

For students seeking a B.S. with a major in nursing.  Upon completion of prerequisites this is a 6 semester course of study.

Prerequisites, Curriculum and Requirements


ACE Bachelor of Science

The Achieving the Curriculum Expeditiously (ACE) program is for students who have completed all undergraduate core course work, are committed to full-time academic work and who want a fast-paced, rigorous course of study.  This is a 4 consecutive semester program.

Prerequisites, Curriculum and Requirements


Transfer Track

Students transferring from other nursing programs can apply for transfer into the traditional or accelerated program at Georgia State University.


R.N. to B.S. – Online Bridge Program

Designed for current registered nurses who have graduated from an associate’s degree or diploma program in nursing and wish to earn a bachelor’s degree. This is a three semester, one year online program.



Do You Have What It Takes?

Delivery of culturally competent care is a key characteristic of the Lewis School. This concept is enhanced by the nearly 500 nursing students representing a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Nursing students rapidly become integrated into the social and cultural life of Georgia State by taking courses with students from numerous majors and participating in many aspects of campus life. A tour of our campus and facilities can be arranged so that you can gain first-hand knowledge of the advantages that await you.

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